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Date: 7 Jan 2019, Entry id: 1546848362-2


Mucuna nigricans - Black Jade Vine

Black Jade Vine is a real gem of a rare plant collection and a conversation piece when in bloom. The flower color is beyond description, as most of the Jade vines. This spectacular woody climber is closely related to red Jade vine (Mucuna bennettii). Branches sparsely velvet-hairy, and blackish purple flowers hanging in racemes. Drooping flower-cluster-stalks are up to 1 ft long and 6" in diameter! The blooms appear closely pushed together in grape-like clusters. Flowers are clustered in threes; each cluster supported by a deciduous bract. It is a very vigorous woody tree creeper - during warmer weather it can grow 2 feet or more a week. Cold hardy in Florida to at least zone 9b.
This plant is a must for every rare tropical plant collection. It is easy to grow and doesn't require much care once established other than regular watering. In colder climates with a hard freeze, this spectacular vine can be grown in a large container providing a strong trellis support.

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