Monstera karstenianum, Monstera Peru

Monstera karstenianum

Monstera Peru
Family: Araceae
Vine or creeper plantSemi-shadeShadeModerate waterEpiphyte plantOrnamental foliage

Monstera karstenianum, also known as Monstera Peru, is a fast-growing plant from the Aroid family that makes an ideal ornamental when grown as an epiphyte or pot plant. It prefers subdued light and partial shade. It is moderately drought-tolerant and requires regular watering, but it is not suited to overly wet or dry soils.

Monstera karstenianum can be grown in cold regions by planting it in a pot. However, it needs to be brought indoors and placed in a warm location during winter. During winter, it should be watered sparingly, about every four weeks. The potting mix should be kept evenly moist but not soggy. It is essential to use a soil-less potting mix with a light, airy texture that drains well.

This Monstera is a climber with bullate leaves that are spectacularly puckered and iridescent, and their texture and design pop off the leaf. The plant has leather-like green leaves that feel like braille on your fingertips. The stems are long and twist around like vines.

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Monstera karstenianum, Monstera Peru
Monstera karstenianum, Monstera Peru

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