Magnolia obovata, Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia, Japanese Whitebark Magnolia

Magnolia obovata

Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia, Japanese Whitebark Magnolia
Family: Magnoliaceae
Origin: Japan
USDA Zone: 5-7?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapSmall tree 10-20 ftSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterRegular waterWhite, off-white flowersFragrant plantSubtropical or temperate zone plant. Mature plant cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Magnolia obovata is a medium-sized deciduous tree 15-30 m tall, with slate grey bark. The leaves are large, 16-38 cm (rarely to 50 cm) long and 9-20 cm (rarely 25 cm) broad, leathery, green above, silvery or greyish pubescent below. The flowers are also large, cup-shaped, 15-20 cm diameter, with 9-12 creamy, fleshy tepals, red stamens.

Leaf is sometimes used in Japan to wrap food.

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