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Magnolia cylindrica, Huang-shan Magnolia

Magnolia cylindrica

Huang-shan Magnolia
Family: Magnoliaceae
Origin: China
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSmall tree 10-20 ftFull sunSemi-shadeRegular waterModerate waterWhite, off-white flowersFragrantDeciduous plantSubtropical, mature plant cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Magnolia Cylindrica, or the Huang-shan magnolia (named for Mount Huang, where it can be found naturally) is endemic to China. It is threatened by habitat loss.

It is a deciduous shrub or small tree with thin lanceolate dark green leaves. The Magnolia cylindrica grows erect, developing a short stem with a small crown, usually roundish. Pure white cup shaped fragrant flowers are borne before the young leaves in early spring followed by cylindrical shaped fruits. The flowering period is normally March - April although some species do flower as late as September. Hardy zone 7.

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