Hibiscus Robyn Jean, Hibiscus Robyn Jean

Hibiscus Robyn Jean

Hibiscus Robyn Jean
Family: Malvaceae
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterRegular waterYellow, orange flowersBlue, lavender, purple flowers

This small plant, Hibiscus Robyn Jean, grows to a height of 2-5 feet tall. It is a member of the hibiscus family and is most often found in tropical zone climates like USDA zone 9-11. Given its natural elements and requirements, it is considered easy to grow.

For optimal growth, Hibiscus Robyn Jean prefers full sun and semi-shade for at least part of the day and prefers to be watered on a regular basis with moderate amounts of water. It is an excellent choice for xeriscaping.

The flowers of Hibiscus Robyn Jean are one of the biggest draws. The blooms are mauve-yellow ruffled blossoms with a vivid hue and may be either blue, lavender, or purple in color. As the flowers age, they often turn yellow or orange.

Hibiscus Robyn Jean is also an easy-to-care-for plant. It requires minimal maintenance once it is established and is easy to transplant if need be. Pruning can be done to help shape the plant and to help promote additional blooms during the season.

For cold climates where freezing temperatures occur, Hibiscus Robyn Jean should be grown in a pot. During freezing temperatures, the pot can be placed indoors and again be placed outside when temperatures rise. Make sure to water regularly and keep in partial sunlight during the cooler months to keep the plant happy. If placed outdoors, the plant may even continue to bloom throughout the winter months.

Overall, Hibiscus Robyn Jean is a hardy and stunningly beautiful addition to any yard or indoor space. It is easy to grow, relatively low-maintenance, and abundant with attractive flowers.

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Hibiscus Robyn Jean, Hibiscus Robyn Jean
Hibiscus Robyn Jean, Hibiscus Robyn Jean

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