Eucalyptus cinerea, Argyle Apple, Silver Dollar Gum

Eucalyptus cinerea, Argyle Apple, Silver Dollar Gum

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Eucalyptus cinerea - seeds

Silver Dollar Gum, Argyle Apple. The Eucalyptus cinerea grows to an average of 20 to 30 feet tall. Young leaves are round, grey-green, and about 1 inch in diameter and grow opposite each other on the stem. They become longer, more oval shaped with pointed ends as they get older. The flowers are a creamy white and grow in 1 inch clusters. The bark is reddish-brown and fibrous. Because of its aromatic and long lasting quality, the young leaves are a "best seller" as medicines to treat many sicknesses such as: infections, colds, flu, sore throats, bronchitis, pneumonia, aching, stiffness, neuralgia and even some skin infections.
Sow seeds on the surface of sandy mix, water only when nearly dry. Keep warm in bright light. Avoid dry air.
The trick to germinating eucalyptus seeds (which are tiny almost like dust) is keeping them wet. Take the seed packet and add water to allow the "dust" to soak overnight. Set up a container with a mixture of sand and soil. Water well and seal the top with plastic (Saran wrap will work). Place the covered container in a sunny area and seeds will sprout within a week.
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