mangifera indica coconut cream mango grafted

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Mango tree Coconut Cream, Grafted (Mangifera indica)

Big tree taller than 20 ftFull sunModerate waterEdible plantSeaside, salt tolerant plant

Coconut Cream Mango - this variety is so exceptional, it is patented. Delicious, fabulous creamy coconut-mango flavor. Very large juicy fruit, and probably the most colorful! Brgiht red-orange-yellow. Flavor is exceptional with a coconut hint. Fiberless. Pulp is bright orange.
The green fruit have a nice characteristic of turning yellow on the bottom to show they should be picked soon. Trees grow moderately low and spreading. Should be pruned to shape. Ripening: June-July. Fruit size: 1 - 1.5 lbs.
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Recommended Fertilizer: SUNSHINE Mango Tango - Mango Tree Booster
SUNSHINE-Honey - sugar booster
Grown in
10"/3 gal pot