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December 16-17, 2022 - Christmas Plant Market

What to put in your Christmas Basket?

Why not buy your friend a basket of live rare plants instead of some cheap plastic junk or an ugly sweater?

Visit our Plant Market and fill your Christmas basket with fruiting, flowering and edible plants. As low as $10!
Give the gift of Tropical plants to your friends, neighbors and co-workers.

October Fall Festival at TopTropicals, October 8, 2022

Christmas Plant Market specials:

- Big Champakas at $50 off (7 gal and 15 gal)

- Big Avocados at $50 off (7 gal and 15 gal)

- All Mangoes and 3 gal Avocados at $15 off

- $5-$10-$15-$20 deals. Buy 4 plants from these categories and get one free!

- Free plant with every purchase

- all the above for nursery customers only / pick up only, can't be applied to online orders.

Many households in SW and Central Florida have been affected by devastated hurricane Ian. Some people lost their homes, or still have no power.
We have spent weeks planning this special event and the show will go on!
Stay strong and come back, we will help you to restore your gardens!

RE-LEAF special: FREE plant for every guest - no purchase necessary!

Facebook event page - Download invitation

PeopleCats Garden - lawn