TopTropicals Newsletter / June 20, 2010

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Large plants sale
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Actual plant for sale
Only $29.95!

2147 Mussaenda philippica Dona Luz (salmon pink)
The plants are very large, in 3 gal pots, covered with flowers

other Mussaendas available:
2146 Dona Evangelina (Red)
2087 Dona Aurora (white)
2148 Queen Sirikit (Peach)

Actual plant for sale
Only $4.95!

3933 Hibiscus syriacus

Rose of Sharon. Pink flower with mauve center. This bush has a distinctive vase-shaped growth habit. Cold hardy (USDA zones 5-9). Plants are with flowers or buds, some in full bloom!


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15% for orders over 50 (not including shipping)

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4219 Faradaya splendida seeds
Only $3.95!

Glory Vine. A vigorous twining climber from Australia with large, shiny, bright green leaves and beautiful fragrant white flowers in large terminal clusters with fragrance of carnations. The fleshy fruit is whitish, egg-shaped and surprisingly large - about 2-3 inches long, resembling Noni fruit in shape. Each fruit bears a single seed. It is a hardy plant for tropical and sub-tropical areas.
The whole fruit will be shipped while they are fresh. Just clean from pulp and plant the large 2" seed.

Actual fruit/seed for sale

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The best perfume tree for landscape

Actual plant for sale
Only $29.95!

3157 Magnolia (Michelia) x Alba grafted

Lasrge developed trees in 3 gal pots, 4 ft tall, with many branches, have just bloomed!

White champaka - these grafted plants start blooming right away! The white flowers of this variety have more delicate fragrance than regular yellow Champaca, and the Alba variety is more reliable bloomer. Flowers are used for making the most expensive perfume Joy. This variety of Champaca is better suited for pot growing.


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