FEROVIT - Iron Protection and First Aid

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All plants, both potted or in-ground, need balanced nutrients (macro- and micro-elements), in order to produce healthy foliage, flowers and fruit. Those planted in the ground, even without fertilizing, can still get those elements by reaching deep with their roots. Potted plant is in a different situation. The nutrients containing in the pot are not endless - they are being used by the plant and drained down with water. This is why it is so important to provide a potted plant with all necessary elements.

We have already talked about micro-elements in the special article.

On this page, we present a new plant supplement - FEROVIT - an essensial iron source for your plants.

Iron plays a very special role in plant's health. Plants need iron less than macro-elements (N, P, K), but much more than other micro-elements. With lack of iron, leaves turn yellow or pale green beacause of reducing of chlorophyll amount (green pigment). Chlorophyll somemetimes is called "green blood of plants" because its structure is very similar to the one of hemoglobin, where the core of the structure is formed around molecule of magnesium (Mg), while in chlorophill - around morecule of iron (Fe).

Jasminum sambac Maid of Orleans, Nyctanthes sambac, Maid of Orleans, Arabian Jasmine, Hawaiian Pikake, Sampaguitas, Sumpa Kita

Jatropha podagrica with iron dificiency (chlorosis)

Fruit trees, berries and blooming/fruiting ornamental plants are the most sensitive to iron deficiency, especially if grown in alcalaine soils. It happens in acidic soils as well, for instance after fertilizing with high content of Phosphate and Potassium which prevent iron assimilation.

Iron supplements are very popular and important for growing crops and healthy plants.

However, adding iron compounds into soil is usually not very effective unless organic forms are added - so-called chelating agents.


Jatropha podagrica, Gout Plant, Gout Stick, Gatemala Rhubarb

Healthy plant with balanced nutruents

FEROVIT is a highly concentrated organic micro-supplement - a water-soluable biologically active iron solution that is perfectly absorbed by plants. The difference with other iron sipplements is that besides chelated Iron, FEROVIT contains also extra Nitrogen in a form of Urea. This combination tremendously increases the level of production of amino-acids and proteins - the main "construction materials" for live plants. It also contains a number of useful organic acids necessary for balanced plant development. It is better water-soluable than powder analogs and is more convenient in use.

FEROVIT iron concentration: 75-100 gram in 1 liter of water, pH=4-4.5

FEROVIT spray: misting plants will provide the best absorbtion of the element. Besides, accumulated in soil, FEROVIT iron will stay available for the plant for a long time.

FEROVIT treatments will help the chlorosis-damaged leaves to turn green! Spray and dip with FEROVIT 1-2 times a week and watch the results!

FEROVIT is very good for complex treatment: soak seeds with CIRKON, then young seedlings with FEROVIT.

Prepare solution: 1 vial (1.5 mg) per 1 qt of water


1 vial contains
1.5 mg of FEROVIT concentrate
Re-sealable cap