A Magic Plant Inductor - from inventive Russian scientists!

Imported from Russia
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See also: EPIN, Ferovit

We are introducing CIRKON - another new plant supplement imported from Russia that improves blooming, rooting and provides fungus/virus protection.

This product is developed, manufactured and patented by the Russian scientific company Nest-M (Author N. Malevannaya).
Pictures of treated plants courtesy of Nest-M.

  • CIRKON noway a "magic-cure-all" medicine where one can't find its active indigrient. The hormone is well-known and used in different countries along with other hormones for promote growth, fruiting, blooming, rooting, etc.
  • CIRKON won't bring dead plant back to live and it should be used only when needed: for stressed plants, for plants which need extra boost. Don't use it all the time. It's as bad as using steroids for building your muscles.
  • CIRKON is not a fertilizer and and won't replace it. You have to apply fertilizer and micro-element solution to keep your plants healthy.
  • CIRKON is not a substitution for a proper plant care. It won't help if you keep a plant dry, dark and starving.

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1 vial contains 1 mg of Cirkon concentrate. Delution: 1 vial per 2 gal (or more!) of distilled water
Re-sealable cap


Echinacea purpurea


What is Cirkon?

Cirkon is a natural plant immunomodulator, root developer, bloom booster. It is a representative of a new generation of agricultural chemicals. Synthetically prepared, active ingredient of Cirkon is Hydroxycinnamic acid that is identical in all respects to naturally occurring hormone obtained from the plant Echinacea purpurea.

Circon will help your plants:

  • improve immune system
  • develop large root system
  • increase blooming profusion
  • stay protected from fungus
  • recover from stress
  • improve oxygen curculation ("breathing") and plant metabolism
  • increase growth rate

And yet it will -

  • promote seed germination
  • root cuttings easily
  • ...and so much more!

Using Cirkon and Epin together will greatly increase the results

Rooting cuttings left to right: without tretment, Epin, Epin+Cirkon

1 - no treatment

2 - with CIRKON treatment

  • Acts in extremely low doses. Do not overdose, it is stronger than EPIN!
  • Ecologically safe, nontoxic in relation to human, pets, useful insects and fish
  • Seedlings and cuttings develop strong and large root system
  • Triggers blooming and increases blooming period
  • Prevents flower bud drop
  • Slows down flower fading
  • Anti-stress activity: reduces transpiration, increases water, nutrient absorbancy and metabolism
  • Improves healing and graft success
  • Improves drought resistance and cold resistance, helps healing cold damaged leaves
  • Anti-fungus and anti-virus activity
  • The compatibility of CIRKON with other agricultural chemicals allows it to us along with other treatments
  • Improves water penetration through hard seeds shells
  • No addiction forming

Cirkon illustrated actions

Action Without treatment
(control) With Cirkon treatment Improving plant hardiness, treating cold damaged plants Bloom booster Root developer, improving plant vigour Root developer, improving plant vigour Rooting cuttings

Anti-fungus action

Seeds treatment: anti-fungal, increasing germination rate

Differences between EPIN and CIRKON:

  EPIN CIRKON Main actions immune system improvement
improving hardiness root developing
flower induction
fungus and virus protection Dosage Flexible dosing Over-dosing is bad. It's better less concentration but more frequently Light tolerance Desintegrates in bright light Activity is better in bright light Time for full assimilation 14 days 18 hours Area of treatment Plant can be partially sprayed The whole plant should be treated thoroughly Parts of plant to be treted Foliage only Besides foliage, roots and soil should be treated (absorbed by roots as well)

Formulation and Application

Formulation is stable in neutral and mild acidic conditions. Dilute CIRKON concentrate in DISTILLED water only. Do not use tap water, drinking or natural spring water. Distilled water can be purchased in any Pharmacy, Grocery or Department store for about $0.99 per gallon. Try to avoid mixing it with any other chemicals and fertilizer.

You can use it for soaking (seeds, bulbs, cuttings) or foliar spray.
Prepare solution right before use, avoid mixing it with pesticides
Do not spray if rain is expected. Re-spray if it rains within 12 hour of spraying
All solution should be used the same day. Do not keep solution.

  • Soaking seeds: 8-18 hours
  • Soaking cuttings before planting (1 vial per 1 qt of water can be used, may add a few drops of EPIN): 14 hours
  • Soaking bulbs: 20-24 hours
  • Foliar spray: thoroughly
  • Bloom-booster: foliar spray before bud forming (1 vial per 1 qt of water can be used)
  • Fungus treatment: wet leaves, roots and soil around thoroughly with the solution
  • Before re-potting and transplanting seedlings: spray foliage few hours before
  • Before temperature drop: spray foliage with mix of CIRKON and EPIN
  • Recovery from stress: spray foliage with mix of CIRKON and CITOVIT
  • Cold damage, sun burns: spray foliage with mix of CIRKON


1 vial per 2 gal (or more!) of distilled water unless otherwise noted (see applications above)


    • store in dry and cool place. Refrigeration is ok, but don't freeze
    • expiration: 3 years from manufacturing date
    • solution shouldn't be stored, prepare as much as you need
    • store away from food and out of reach of children

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