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Date: 16 Mar 2024, Entry id: 1710565862-2

Monarch Butterflies Are In Trouble
You Can Help By Planting Milkweed

Monarch Butterfly

Do you want to save butterflies from extinction? This is all you need - embrace the allure of butterfly plants and become a hero for monarchs!

...Ecologists and other scientists have been warning about an 80 percent decline in monarch populations due to habitat loss, pesticides and climate change over the past two decades, but 2024 is a critical year. A recently released annual survey on monarch populations reported a 59.3 percent decrease in population from 2022.
Milkweed plants are one of the best butterfly attractors and they can grow pretty much anywhere. It is a favorite of monarchs, according to Monarch Watch.... (Source:

Join us in combating the decline of monarch populations by welcoming these graceful creatures into your garden! Discover the beauty of butterfly plants today and help preserve their habitat.


In the photo: Asclepias - favorite plant of all butterflies.

Calotropis gigantea, Giant Milkweed

In the photo: a caterpillar of a future Monarch butterfly climbing up the Calotropis gigantea - Giant milkweed flower, one of the best host plants for Monarch butterfly.