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Date: 5 Dec 2023, Entry id: 1701794762-1

Cat Horoscope:
Sagittarius Zodiac Cats 11/22-12/21

By Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

Sagittarius Zodiac cat sitting on a post

How to know the astrological sign of your cat?
The astrological sign of a cat can be determined by either their date of birth or adoption, as adoption is often considered a second birth for cats...
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Sagittarius Zodiac cat on a deck

Cats that help regain faith in one's future...

Sagittarius cats are natural explorers, keen on investigating every nook and cranny of their abode and surroundings... Consequently, they may find themselves in situations requiring rescue, such as descending from a lofty tree pursued by curiosity or rescue from large birds of prey to whom your favorite decided to indicate who exactly is the sheriff of this district...

Restlessness characterizes Sagittarius cats, as they possess boundless energy and an insatiable curiosity for new experiences...

Sagittarius cats are exceptional healers for their human companions, alleviating physical and mental distress. Their mere presence, coupled with a soothing aura, helps individuals overcome serious illnesses and regain faith in their future...

Sagittarius cats are drawn to plants with large, striking, elongated, leathery leaves. Fruits, nuts, and chestnuts are particular favorites, satisfying their gourmet inclinations. Alocasias and Colocasias with their heart-shaped leaves and arrow-like (named also sagittate!) shouts, resonate well with both Sagittarius humans and Sagittarius cats, offering the vibrations necessary for achieving their goals. Opting for fragrant herbs, fruits, nuts, and aesthetically pleasing and fragrant flowering plants ensures the satisfaction of these feline aesthetes and gourmets.

Sagittarius Zodiac white cat with black bird

Note: The bird was fine and flew away! Sushi the Cat was very gentle.