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Date: 27 Jan 2023, Entry id: 1674805262-1

The Robuster: smart and simple
Automatic care-free plant feeder!

The Robuster, Smart Fertilizer 

Affordable Smart Fertilizer Injector and Doser

Tired of mixing fertilizer in watering cans?
Struggling to keep up with the growth of your garden?
Need to adjust fertilizer schedules for different plants and weather conditions?
Professional injectors are expensive and complicated?
Look no further! Affordable and user-friendly solution for any gardener -

The Robuster.
Set up... Sit back...
...enjoy your garden!

The Robuster is a unique smart device for irrigation systems and is designed to help make fertilizing your garden easier. Simple to install, The Robuster utilizes a computerized controller that injects liquid fertilizer into your irrigation system based on your preset dosage. The Robuster will work in your yard, garden or farm, small or large. Designed to be used with Sunshine Boosters amino acid based liquid fertilizers, it also works with any liquid plant food that requires a dosage from 5 - 25 ml per gallon of water.
Let The Robuster do the feeding so you have more time to enjoy your garden! Your first gallon of Sunshine Boosters is available to you at a 50% discount with the purchase of this unit! Sunshine Boosters are also available at deep discounts with our subscription program (coming soon). Contact us for more information.

Developed in Ukraine. Manufactured in the USA.
Introductory low price! Only 4 units available at this time.
Contact us for installation availability
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The Robuster in the gardens

Starter gardens at TopTropicals as well as container plants, are fertilized with the Robuster with every watering

container plants fertilized with The Robuster