Tetrastigma voinierianum, Cissus tetrastigma, Lizard Plant, Chestnut Vine, Giant Grape Ivy, Wild Grape

Tetrastigma voinierianum, Cissus tetrastigma

Lizard Plant, Chestnut Vine, Giant Grape Ivy, Wild Grape
Family: Vitaceae
Origin: Laos
Vine or creeper plantSemi-shadeShadeRegular water

Ultimate Tropical Liana for indoors or Southern garden. It is an impressive, fast-growing tropical-looking liana displaying very large, five-lobed leaves that look similar to those of chestnut leaves. A beautiful centerpiece for a well-lit conservatory, sun porch or greenhouse with a steady, comfortable temperature and a high level of humidity.

If you want to bring exotic tropics into the house, growing chestnut vine indoors may be just the ticket! A rampant climber, the chestnut vine may grow a foot or more in a month in ideal conditions. A vigorous climber with lush foliage and 8 inches or longer tendrils for climbing purposes, they are allowing the vine to wind its way up the trunks of trees. The underside of the leaves are clear pearl-like bumps, which are actually plant secretions that are used by ant colonies when grown in its wild habitat.

Chestnut vine is difficult to obtain for cultivation but it is well worth the effort! Indoors, this vigorous plant can quickly fill an entire room in the right conditions! Good care, pruning, and training can be useful in preventing it from overtaking your living space. The plant is safe at temperatures ranging from 55-85F. It likes lots of bright, indirect sunlight. Shelter the plant from direct sunlight. Water generously during the growing season and sparingly during the autumn and winter. Feed monthly during the growing season.

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