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Salacca magnifica, Salacca zalacca, Salacca, Sala, Snake Fruit

Salacca magnifica, Salacca zalacca

Salacca, Sala, Snake Fruit
Family: Arecaceae / Palmae
Origin: Borneo
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSmall tree 10-20 ftFull sunSemi-shadeKeep soil moistRegular waterPalm or palm-likeEdibleThorny or spinyUltra tropical, minimal temperature 55F

Salacca sp. magnifica minor (Minor Salak) is an extremely impressive palm, with very long (to 20 ft), undivided leaves. It is a clustering palm, which doesn't trunk. Very spiny. A truly stunning palm which is slowly becoming more common in collections, but is still very expensive. Prefers warm, sheltered, lightly shaded, very moist position, tropical climate, but plants can be grown quite successfully in the warm subtropics. Fuzzy fruit are edible.

Salak palm is cultivated for its fruits, the bulk of which are consumed fresh when fully ripe. In Indonesia the fruits are also candied ("manisan salak"), pickled ("asinan salak") and fresh unripe ones may be used in "rujak", a spicy salad of unripe fruit. Mature fruits may be canned. The seed kernels of the young fruits of the Javanese "Pondoh" form are edible. A closely-planted row of palms forms an impregnable hedge and the very spiny leaves are also cut to construct fences; the leaflets are used for thatching. The bark of the petioles may be used for matting.

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Salacca sp. Pondoh - Snake Fruit Palm

Salacca zalacca x magnifica, Snake Fruit. An extremely impressive palm with fuzzy edible delicious fruit, very popular in Thailand. Very hard to find in plant collections. The palm has very long, undivided leaves (to 20 ft in native conditions). It is a clustering palm, which doesn't trunk, and very spiny. Palm prefers tropical climate, sheltered, lightly shaded, very moist position. Can be grown in a pot. Cold-sensitive and slow-growing.

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