Randia sp. Joseph Fondeur, Atractocarpus sp., Randia

Randia sp. Joseph Fondeur, Atractocarpus sp.

Family: Rubiaceae
Origin: Peru (Lake Sandoval)
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSmall tree 10-20 ftSemi-shadeRegular waterUnusual colorWhite, off-white flowers

Randia sp. Joseph Fondeur or Randia as it is commonly known as is a large shrub or a small tree native to Peru Lake Sandoval. It has an upright growth pattern, reaching a height of 5-10 feet in the shrub form and 10-20 feet when it is trained into a tree. It is best grown in semi-shaded areas and prefers regular watering.

In the summer months, Randia is known for its gorgeous white and off-white flowers that bloom during the warmer season. Interestingly, the trumpet-like blooms are unusually colored in chartreuse with splashes of burgundy. The light green corrugated leaves are also quite eye catching.

USDA Zone 9-11 is the ideal environment for growing this unusual tree. Colder regions may still be able to accommodate Randia, but extra care must be taken. When growing Randia in a pot in colder regions, the container should be raised off the ground to allow drainage.

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