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Radermachera gigantea, Radermachera elmeri, Radermachera Elmeri

Radermachera gigantea, Radermachera elmeri

Radermachera Elmeri
Family: Bignoniaceae
Origin: Thailand
Small tree 10-20 ftSemi-shadeFull sunRegular waterOrnamental foliagePink flowersFragrant plant

Radermachera gigantea can reach 10-20 ft, but can be trained to a smaller form. It is native to Thailand, and is adaptable to wide variety of soils.

It requires full sun to semi-shade and regular water. Its flowers are pink and very ornamental, with a strong fragrance. This plant is deciduous in colder climates and semi-evergreen in warmer climates.

Radermachera gigantea is best grown in USDA Zone 9-11 and in pot in cold regions. This can be done by keeping this tree in a container and bringing it to a protected place or sheltered area during winter and cold months. In winter, when the temperature goes below freezing, it is important to move the container indoors and water it sparingly. Keep it away from drafts, heating units and radiators to prevent it from drying out. When the temperature goes above freezing, keep it in the sun, water and fertilizer regularly. Prune the plant to keep it in a desirable shape. To protect the young tree, it is important to use a protective cover when it snows.

Radermachera gigantea is a beautiful plant perfect for accenting a landscape, container gardening, or smaller properties. It is a great choice for gardens where a fast growing specimen is desired. It will quickly bring lots of color and texture to any area. With proper care, Radermachera gigantea will thrive and be enjoyed for years to come.

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