Phyllanthus mirabilis, Phyllanthodendron mirabilis, Dragon Wings, Buddhas Prayer, Namaste Plant

Phyllanthus mirabilis, Phyllanthodendron mirabilis

Dragon Wings, Buddhas Prayer, Namaste Plant
Family: Phyllanthaceae
Origin: Thailand
USDA Zone: 9-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapPlant with caudexPlant used for bonsaiSmall plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeShadeFull sunRegular waterOrnamental foliageIrritating plant

Phyllanthus mirabilis or Dragon Wings has a unique foliage with rough edges and a little bit irritating. If planted in the ground, the trunk can grow up to 2-3 ft in diameter, and reach a height of 20-25 ft. If grown in pot, the plant will only get about 2-5 ft in height. It can be used as a lovely ornamental and a bonsai plant. The leaves will fold together at night like a butterfly wings. If you live in a cold region, you need to bring the pot indoors during winter. Despite it's native region, mature plants have been reported to survive temperatures as low as 30s F, although it's only for a short time. Phyllanthus mirabilis grows best in USDA Zone 9-11.

For pot growing, it needs well-drained soil, slightly acidic soil and regular water. Reduce watering in winter, but keep it moist. Plant in full sun, semi-shade or shade, with some morning or afternoon sun. Do not let the soil dry out. As a bonsai, you can use a fertilizer every two weeks. Pruning is also important for keeping it in shape. Prune back branches to your desired shape, and trim roots at least once a year to prevent it from becoming root-bound. If you live in a cold region, protect your plant from frost in winter. Move the pot to an area with temperature higher than 40sF. It will keep its leaves during the winter, but loose them in spring during dormancy period, leaving a thick showy caudex. Re-leafs around June.

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