Pamianthe peruviana, Pamianthe

Pamianthe peruviana

Family: Amaryllidaceae
Origin: Peru
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeEpiphyte plantWhite, off-white flowersFragrant plant

Pamianthe peruviana is an epiphyte commonly found growing on tree branches in its native habitat. It is a small shrub, which can grow up to 2-5 ft in height and width. The foliage of this perennial is gray-green, extending from the nodes of the stem resembling a lace-like pattern. Its large and showy blooms, which come in shades of white to off-white provide a delightful aroma.

For successful containment of Pamianthe peruviana, it is important to avoid overcrowding and heavy soils, and instead opt for a well-draining, light, and open media like a mixture of bark, coarse perlite, and sponge rock. Water should be provided frequently, and the growth should be supported with semi-shade, brighter than the dappled light found in its native habitat.

Pamianthe can be grown in USDA zones 9-11. If grown in colder regions, it can be moved indoors when temperatures start to drop, and brought back out when the weather allows. Keeping the container media slightly dryer, while providing necessary moisture will ensure good growth potential when container-growing. Fertilizing every six weeks can also give it an extra boost.

This small shrub is a perfect addition to any outdoor garden for its showy blooms and delightful scent. Proper care and attention will result in a display of color and the pleasant, magical aroma that can transform any setting into a paradise.

Pamianthe peruviana, Pamianthe

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