Moringa stenopetala, Horseradish tree, Haleko

Moringa stenopetala

Horseradish tree, Haleko
Family: Moringaceae
Origin: Southwest Africa
Plant used for bonsaiBig tree taller than 20 ftFull sunDry conditionsModerate waterWhite, off-white flowers

It is an important food plant in southwestern Ethiopia, where it is cultivated as a crop plant. Moringa leaves are eaten almost every day like spinach together with cereal balls. Moringa leaves are outstanding with respect to high contents of essential amino acids, Vitamin A and C. Moringa tolerate most soil types and grow well in full sun. Water regularly and protect from wind and frost; in cooler climates, they can be grown in warmed greenhouses. Propagate from seed or cuttings. Due to its water storage capacity in the bottle shaped stem, M. stenopetala is adapted to semi-arid areas. The tree forms weird shapes of trunk. Can be used for bonsai.

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