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Moringa hildebrandtii, Moringa

Moringa hildebrandtii

Family: Moringaceae
Origin: Madagascar
Can be used for bonsaiBig tree taller than 20 ftFull sunRegular waterModerate waterDeciduous plant

Moringa hildebrandtii is a beautiful tree with a massive, water-storing trunk that can grow to 20 meters tall. This bloated trunk makes Moringa hildebrandtii strongly resemble the baobab trees. The pinnately compound leaves can be up to a meter long, and the leaf rachis and stem tip of young plants is often a distinctive deep red. The small whitish flowers are borne in large sprays.

Moringa tolerate most soil types and grow well in full sun. Water regularly and protect from wind and frost; in cooler climates, they can be grown in warmed greenhouses. Propagate from seed or cuttings.

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Moringa hildebrandtii, Moringa
Moringa hildebrandtii, Moringa

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