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Grevillea Robin Gordon, Robin Gordon Grevillea

Grevillea Robin Gordon

Robin Gordon Grevillea
Family: Proteaceae
Origin: Australia
Large shrub 5-10 ftFull sunSemi-shadeModerate waterRed/crimson/vinous flowersAttracts butterflies, hummingbirds

The plants occur in numerous shapes and sizes so that there is a Grevillea for almost any conceivable garden situation. Added to this are the colorful flowers which, in many cases, attract birds. The best potting compost consists of equal parts of turfy loam, peat, and sand. Repotting should be done in March and a little of the old soil should be replaced with fresh. Large plants may be grown in tubs or in a bed of soil in a greenhouse. Prune these plants by slightly shortening the shoots after flowering. They need full sun and good ventilation. From October through April they should be watered moderately, and during the summer the soil is constantly kept moist. Grevilleas are propagated by three principal methods; seed, cuttings and grafting. Three superb hybrid grevilleas named after Dave Gordon's (creator of Myall Park Botanic Garden) daughters Robyn, Sandra and Merinda. Grevilleas Robyn and Sandra Gordon are today widely represented throughout Australia.

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