Gerrardanthus macrorhiza, Bigfoot

Gerrardanthus macrorhiza

Family: Cucurbitaceae
Origin: Southern Africa
Plant with caudexVine or creeper plantSemi-shadeModerate waterYellow, orange flowersDeciduous plant

Native to South Africa, Gerrardanthus macrorhiza is a stunning climber that produces bright yellow and orange flowers.

Gerrardanthus macrorhiza, or Bigfoot, is an eye-catching, deciduous caudiciform vine that is native to Southern Africa. With its thick caudex that can measure as big as 40 inches in diameter and cascades of yellow and orange flowers, it is no wonder that gardening enthusiasts take such a shining to this remarkable plant.

It does best in a semi-shaded environment with moderate water. It is an excellent choice for pergola, arbor or trellis, making good use of its climbing ability. It is an ideal plant to have in a hot and humid climate and can be grown in USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11.

When planting this deciduous vine, it is important to note that it requires more extensive care than annual plants. To keep the caudex healthy, you will need to ensure that it maintains adequate hydration and has access to a steady supply of nutrients. To ensure its optimal growth and flower production, ensure that it is planted in a spot with well-draining soil, stays out of direct sunlight, and has access to the necessary microenvironment to thrive.

In cold regions, it is best to keep Gerrardanthus macrorhiza in a pot and bring it indoors when temperatures begin to drop. A combination of heated propagator and a heated mat should help keep the caudex warm during winter months. When planting it in a pot, be sure to use a well-draining mix and include a water retention layer. Be sure to also provide a support structure to help keep the caudex from toppling over when the plant starts to grow.

When caring for this beautiful plant, it is important to remember to avoid overwatering it, especially during winter months. During the colder months, cut back the amount of water to allow the soil to dry out. Trim back the vine during the spring season to ensure that it stays within the desired size. Keep in mind that this vine can become invasive if it is not properly pruned and monitored.

Gerrardanthus macrorhiza is a stunning plant that adds an exotic touch to any garden. With its vibrant yellow and orange blooms, thick caudex and easy-to-manage growth, it is no wonder that this is a favorite among gardening enthusiasts around the globe.

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