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Erythrina sp., Coral Tree. Erythrina falcata
Erythrina falcata

Erythrina sp.

Coral Tree
Family: Fabaceae
Subfamily: Faboideae
USDA Zone: 8-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapPlant used for bonsaiLarge shrub 5-10 ft tallSmall tree 10-20 ftSemi-shadeFull sunDry conditionsModerate waterRed, crimson, vinous flowersPlant attracts butterflies, hummingbirdsDeciduous plantSubtropical or temperate zone plant. Mature plant cold hardy at least to 30s F for a short time

Erythrina is a genus of tropical and subtropical flowering trees. The name Coral Tree is used for many of these trees.

All species of Erythrina have bean-like seed pods.

The seeds of over 40 of the species contain alkaloids, and some of the Amazonian species are used for medicinal and other purposes by indigenous peoples.

Species and varieties:

Erythrina amazonica

Erythrina caffra

Erythrina coralloides

Erythrina crista galli

Erythrina decora

Erythrina edulis

Erythrina falcata

Erythrina fusca

Erythrina herbacea

Erythrina humeana

Erythrina indica

Erythrina leptopoda

Erythrina lysistemon

Erythrina megistophylla

Erythrina poeppigiana

Erythrina rubrinervia

Erythrina speciosa

Erythrina vespertilio

Erythrina x bidwillii

Erythrina zeyheri

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