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Calathea ornata, Calathea majestica, Calathea
Calathea majestica albolineata

Calathea ornata, Calathea majestica

Family: Marantaceae
Origin: Cuiana, Colombia & Ecuador
Small shrub 2-5 ftSemi-shadeKeep soil moistRegular waterOrnamental foliage

Oblong shaped dark green leaves with pink stripes going from the mid rib to the margin. The deep magenta underside makes this one of the most popular Calathea. Indoors, Calathea is tolerant of lower light conditions making it a fine houseplant Your soil for Calathea should be highly organic and well drained. Use plenty of coarse material in the soil mix to help water flow through. A commercial cactus mix is fine. Never allow roots to be soaked with standing water but they do enjoy continuous availability of water in their soil. Water often to obtain this condition (with perfect drainage)

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