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Begonia consobrina, Begonia

Begonia consobrina

Family: Begoniaceae
Origin: Ecuador
Small plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeShadeModerate waterRegular waterOrnamental foliagePink flowers

It is a small shrub that grows between 2-5 feet (0.6-1.5 m) tall.

This begonia is prized for its ornamental foliage and pink flowers. The foliage is composed of small, lance-shaped leaves arranged in pairs that grow from a single stem. The leaves are often marked with white spots, giving the plant a unique look. The flowers are tubular, with five petals and range in color from white to shades of pink. The blooming season is typically in the summer.

When growing Begonia consobrina, it is important to provide the plant with the right conditions. For optimal growth, they should be planted in a spot with partial shade to semi-shade. Too much direct sunlight can scorch and damage the foliage, so be sure to provide some protection from the sun when necessary. It also needs regular watering, but not too much as to cause root rot. A layer of mulch can help keep the soil moist, and it's important to water deeply to encourage strong root growth.

In cold regions, you can still grow Begonia consobrina in containers. Choose a large enough pot to accommodate the plant's roots and provide good soil, preferably compost-enriched, with adequate drainage. When the temperatures drop, it is important to provide additional protection from the cold, such as covering the pot with a blanket or other insulating material. It is also recommended to keep the pot in a warm place to prevent the soil from freezing.

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Begonia consobrina, Begonia

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