Agave angustifolia Marginata, Agave marginata, Agave Maguey Lechugilla

Agave angustifolia Marginata, Agave marginata

Agave Maguey Lechugilla
Family: Asparagaceae    (Formerly:Agavaceae / Amaryllidaceae)
Subfamily: Agavoideae
Origin: Mexico
Small plant 2-5 ftFull sunDry conditionsOrnamental foliageThorny or spiny

Agave angustifolia Marginata, more commonly known as the Agave Maguey Lechugilla, is a small shrub native to Mexico. This spiny or thorny succulent is popular for its ornamental foliage and grows between 2-5 feet in full sun, and in dry conditions. This is a hardy succulent, suitable for use in xeriscaping and is grown in USDA zone 9-11.

Agave Maguey Lechugilla, like most succulents, will produce best results in well-draining soil. Watering should be done sparingly and with care, as too much water can lead to the plant's death. When water is necessary, it should be done deep and slow. During the winter months, when growth is at a minimum, water should be reduced even more.

In cold regions, where freezing temperatures are expected, the best way to grow Agave Maguey Lechugilla is in a pot. Containers should also ensure adequate drainage, and during the hot summer months should be moved to a sunny spot outdoors and brought inside during winter.

Overall, the Agave Maguey Lechugilla is an attractive and hardy plant. When growing conditions are provided and cared for, the plant will grow to a maximum of 5 feet. Foliage is normally very ornamental, and is sure to be a winning addition to any xeriscape or cacti garden.

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