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Botanical family: Strelitziaceae

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Ravenala madagascariensis, Travelers Palm

Ravenala madagascariensis

Travelers Palm
Family: Strelitziaceae
Origin: Madagascar
USDA Zone: 10-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapSmall tree 10-20 ftSemi-shadeFull sunRegular waterPalm or palm-like plantSeaside, salt tolerant plant

When grown in colder regions, the Travelers palm (Ravenala madagascariensis) can be grown in pots, provided you take appropriate care for cold protection. When the outdoor temperatures drop below 30°F, the pots should be moved inside or to sheltered and warmer areas such as a enclosed patio or cooler greenhouses. As they are a tropical species, they must be kept in a bright position, and the soil should remain moist. They should also be provided with regular feeding to keep them thriving. If kept in a pot, make sure to prune the leaves and the stems, to limit their growth and keep away pests. On the other hand, they can also be kept outdoors. If kept outdoors, make sure to water them regularly and add a slow-releasing fertilizer once a month. As they are also tolerant to salt spray, they can be planted near roads or seaside.

In conclusion, the Travelers palm is a beautiful palm-like tropical plant. It is a plant native to Madagascar and offers a unique and interesting look to gardens and yards. It will thrive in full sun or semi-shade, and requires regular watering, especially in warm periods. If grown in colder regions, this plant can be easily managed in pots, though extra care should be taken for cold protection. Moreover, it is tolerant to salt spray and can be planted near roads or seaside.

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Strelitzia nicolai, Giant Bird of Paradise, White Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia nicolai

Giant Bird of Paradise, White Bird of Paradise
Family: Strelitziaceae
Origin: South Africa
USDA Zone: 9-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapLarge shrub 5-10 ft tallSmall tree 10-20 ftSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterUnusual colorWhite, off-white flowersPalm or palm-like plant

It has become very popular for indoor use over the last 10 to 15 years. It is used outdoors in both Florida and California as a landscape plant, where it can reach a height of 20 or more feet. The flowers can reach a size of 10-12 inches, but plants need to be a few years old before they will flower. Don't expect flowers indoors. Nicolai can handle a wide variety of soils and can grow in a variety of conditions. One condition that it cannot take is having extremely WET soil so it is best to keep it on the dry side. The "White Bird" isn't a small plant, but it is a very upright plant so it can fit into some tight spaces. Their large banana-shaped leaves add a rich tropical look to almost any interior. Growers usually use multiple plants to get a fuller plant.

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Strelitzia reginae, Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower, Stelitzia

Strelitzia reginae

Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower, Stelitzia
Family: Strelitziaceae
Origin: South Africa
USDA Zone: 10-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapSmall plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeFull sunModerate waterYellow, orange flowersBlue, lavender, purple flowersWhite, off-white flowers

Strelitzia reginae, commonly known as Bird of Paradise, is a South African plant that produces striking flowers in various bright colors such as white, off-white, blue, lavender, purple, and yellow-orange. This species is relatively small, usually growing between 2-5 ft tall, and is well-suited to thrive in full sun to semi-shade with moderate watering.

The plant's tall flower spikes are striking characteristic and are topped with brilliant orange sepals and bright blue petals. The flowers emerge one at a time from a hard, beak-like sheath called a spathe. This gives the flower the appearance of a bird's head, hence the common name Bird of Paradise.

Strelitzia reginae is a hardy and low-maintenance plant that responds well to regular feeding with a slow-release fertilizer and compost. It thrives in a rich, loamy soil with plenty of water throughout the year, and it can tolerate a variety of soils and conditions.

The plant grows well in USDA Zones 10-11. It is advisable to keep the plant in a sheltered spot in areas with frost or in pots that can be moved indoors during freezing temperatures.

In summary, Strelitzia reginae is a unique and memorable plant that is sure to make a statement in any garden. Its stunning flower structure, low-maintenance nature, and tolerance to different soils and conditions have made it a popular choice for gardeners around the world.

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Strelitzia reginae - Orange Bird of Paradise

Orange Bird of Paradise. One of the most well-known plants in the world. The fascinating blooms are sold as cut flowers by the million. The most tropical-looking!

Recommended Fertilizer: SUNSHINE Robusta - Rapid Growth Booster
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