Annona reticulata - Red Custard Apple var. Fernandez

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Annona reticulata - Red Custard Apple var. Fernandez

Small tree 10-20 ftRegular waterEdible plantDeciduous plant

Fernandez has a long, large fruit with an opaque, light-red surface. The flesh is dark-pink with a good aroma and taste. It is a vigorous, productive cultivar. This variety is above average quality and not gritty.
Red Custard-Apple. Very rare fruit similar to Sugar Apple. Bigger fruit with dark red skin and pulp, superior flavor. Erect growing tree, rounded to spreading. The fruit is 4" to 6" in diameter, roundish to heart-shaped to irregular. Season: Late Winter to Spring.

Recommended Fertilizer: SUNSHINE C-Cibus - Crop Nutrition Booster
SUNSHINE-Honey - sugar booster

Grown in
10"/3 gal pot