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e-Magazine about exotic forms of Cactaceae
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Welcome to E-MAGAZINE CULTIVAR - a project of our friend and business partner Walery Kalishev from Chelyabinsk, Russia. The magazine is devoted to crested, monstrose, colored, hybrid, poly and dichotomic forms of cacti and other succulents, illustrated with photos of cultivars...

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The Purpose is to collect scientific and popular materials, photos and fanciers' notes concerning the subject.

The Reason is that the scientific, biological and genetic aspects of the given forms of cacti are not studied. At the same time the number of cultivars increases all over the world. To collect and summarize the materials is the first step in solving the problem. We believe it to be important and interesting not only for fanciers but also for scientists.

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Welcome to Cultivar's guestbook! Let us know your opinion about the project!

If you are interested in the project and can help us please let us know.
We will gladly accept the following suggested variants of help:

  1. Publications on the subject for the last 15-20 years sent us with editor's or author's permission.
  2. Translation of materials written in your native language or materials published in our magazine into English, German or Russian.
  3. Placing an announcement of CULTIVAR magazine in your national cacti magazine.
  4. Addresses of people who could participate in issuing our magazine.
  5. Telling us about people who contributed into studies and spreading of cultivars and attach their photos.
  6. Addresses of funds which could be interested in our project.

Walery Kalishev - hydrometeorologist. He is an author of several books on weather and folk prognostication, rivers and lakes of the Urals. He's been growing cacti for more than 20 years and specializes only in colored forms. Compiler of the album "Abnormal forms of cacti and other succulents".

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Walery Kalishev
Chelyabinsk, Russia
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