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March 20 Event: Spring into Spring!
Mark your calendars!

"...You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming..."
- Pablo Neruda -

Join us at Top Tropicals Garden Center on SUNDAY March 20, from 9 am to 4 pm, for Spring into Spring with TopTropicals Team!
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Starting March 13 we are OPEN ON SUNDAY!

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22% OFF Magic Discount
Winter in South Central Florida
Plant Horoscope up to date: Capricorn and Aquarius
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2-22-22: we made it through the cold Winter.
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In the photo above: Magnolia champaca surprised us with her cold hardiness and now celebrating "Winter is Over" with beautiful lime-green leaves.

Today is February 2, 2022... Whether you believe in numerology or not, 2-22-22 sounds pretty cool! So we decided to add extra fun to your online shopping this week by providing a five two's discount code for 22% discount on all orders over $222! Order your plants now to give them Early Spring Start with big savings!

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Many Florida gardeners will be replacing trees that were damaged during this unusually cold winter. Should you grow more trees in containers until it makes sense to put them in the ground?

Potted trees can be moved to a shed or garage and once they are big enough to survive a heavy frost or light freeze they can be put in the ground, but you will need to have some sort of plan on how to protect them for at least a few years. Should you stick to more dwarf varieties when growing non cold hardy plants?

We will be providing some answers and sharing our cold protection experience with you in our future articles. As a start, check out Ed's story below...

How to survive Winter in South Central Florida

A touching story

by Ed Jones, the Booster Guy

...As much of the country is still in the midst of winter, I believe the worst has passed for us here in the South Central part of Florida...
...This Winter, almost all of zone 9b and some of zone 10a had frost and many had a hard freeze...
...Now, many of us here in this part of the state enjoy growing subtropical plants and trees. There are many that grow well here and most can handle a frost or even a dip to the high 20s for a short time. Smaller and more recently planted trees and bushes are most at risk...
...At the Top Tropicals nursery here in Sebring, home to over 20,000 plants, we scrambled for several days to try to protect as many of our plants as possible. We moved smaller plants into some of our hoop houses that had propane heaters...
...After 2 weeks of moving plants in and out of protection, we were all pretty worn out; happy that everything survived and hoping that we would not have to do that again anytime soon. Slowly, things at the nursery are beginning to resemble our old normal. Seeds are being planted, cuttings are continuing to grow and grafting season will be upon us soon. We are all very happy for that...
...What to do and not to do when the freeze is coming and you have mango, avocado, and other tropical fruit trees and tender tropicals? Here is some news from the Orchard and many more coming... check it out and stay with our updates to learn more!


What are your Lucky Zodiac plants?

Plant Horoscope

by Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

...We continue our story about Lucky Zodiac Plants. Today we introduce lucky plants for the first two signs of the calendar year - Capricorn and Aquarius...


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