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Date: 9 Dec 2023, Entry id: 1702105262-1

Sunshine supplement kit for cold hardiness

Link to YouTube Video

Video by Scott Riddle

Discover the cool story of Scott Riddle, a well-known plant enthusiast with a popular YouTube channel dedicated to his tropical plant collection. In this video, Scott shares his firsthand experience with our Sunshine micro-element kit, designed to enhance the cold hardiness of plants.
Living in the unpredictable climate of the California mountains, where he cultivates tropical plants in a zone higher than recommended, Scott faced the challenge of unexpected freezes. The boosters hopefully will be a game-changer for him, reinforcing his plants for the winter season. This insightful and detailed video is a valuable resource for anyone engaged in zone-pushing, aiming to fortify their tropical plants against the rigors of challenging weather conditions.

Here at Top Tropicals, we have already applied two pre-winter treatments of Sunshine Power-Si formula, in combination with the bio-stimulant Sunshine Epi and micro-elements. One in November, the second one in the beginning of December. So far, after a couple of cold nights, the plants still look happy. Stay warm and get prepared!"

Cozy cat with sunshine boosters hardiness kit

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