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Date: 5 Apr 2023, Entry id: 1680695462-2

What are Low Chill Apricots?

Prunus armeniaca (Armenian plum)

Apricot var. Katy (Prunus armeniaca)

Q: Can I grow apricots and plums in Florida?

A: Low chill apricots have been specially developed for subtropical regions like Central and South Florida, where the climate is not typically conducive for apricot cultivation due to the high number of chill hours required. This is also true for other fruit trees such as plums and peaches. However, through successful hybridization, several low chill varieties have been created that require less than 300 hours of cold weather below 45 degrees.
One such example is the low chill Katy Apricot tree, which only requires 250 chill hours and is self-fertile. It is a popular choice among homeowners due to its large size, rich flavor, and free-stone characteristics with a semi-sweet, low-acid taste. Katy Apricot tree typically bears fruit early, usually in May.

Apricot fruit on a tree