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Spring into Spring Garden Party
Local or Virtual

Spring has arrived! Spring signals new beginnings and nature's renewal and offers a ray of hope in a world that could really use some right now.
Today is our Spring into Spring Garden Party at our TopTropicals Garden Center in Fort Myers, Florida. Cool vendors, Live Music, Plant Clinic and 15% off all plants. If you can't join us live, come to this virtual party and you can Save 15% too! And more...

Check our event page for the latest pictures and take advantage of our savings available to you! 15% off all orders of $100 or more. Simply use the code GARDENPARTY at checkout and save!

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Min order $100 excluding S/H, exp. 3-21-22.

Exclusive offer for online guests only:
50% OFF 4 rare Kalanchoe species

As a special offer for online shoppers, we offer a flash deal of easy to grow, yet rare Kalanchoe varieties, with at instant 50% OFF for one day only! On top of that, use your GARDENPARTY 15% off coupon at checkout and make it a STEAL!

Kalanchoe synsepala Magnificent - Walking Cup Kalanchoe
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora (tetraphylla ) - Flapjacks
Kalanchoe pinnata - Hawaiian Air Plant, Bahamas Breath Plant
Kalanchoe daigremontiana - Mother of Thousands

Remember, this Easy Sunday Deal expires on Monday, 3-21-22.


March 17 - Double Holiday!
St Patricks and St Gertrudes Day

The picture above was sent to us from our customer Arnette

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Exp. 3-18-22, Min order $150.

Did you know that March 17 is not only the day of St Patrick, but also of another Saint? Saint Gertrude of Nivelles!
Cat lovers revere Gertrude of Nivelles most of all. After all, gentle Gertrude is the Patron Saint of Cats and Cat lovers. The idea seems to have started in the 1980s, more than 1300 years after she lived. Some sources say the first publication to link Gertrude and cats was a 1981 catalog, Metropolitan Cats, put out by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Since then, the idea that Gertrude is the patron of cats - and cat owners - has spread. She is the Patron of Cats, Gardeners, Travelers... and Those with a Morbid Fear of Mice and Rats.
Most of us can find themselves in this list! St Gertrude's feast day of March 17 is observed by gardeners, who regard fine weather on that day as a sign to begin spring planting!

And yet one more holiday close enough... Today, March 16 is a birthday of our columnist Alex Butova - the Witch of Herbs and Cats and supporter of PeopleCats. Alex was born on a purrrfect day! Happy Birthday, Alex!

The picture above was sent to us from Alex


This Sunday Event Special:
Ukrainian Sunflower Collection

Local pick up

Sunflower Collection - in support of our Ukrainian Team. Profits will be sent to Ukraine.

  1. gal community pot includes 6 varieties:

Sunflower var. Horizon grows 4-6 foot (yellow)
Sunflower var. Sunfill Purple grows 4-6 foot (purple)
Sunflower var. King 8-15 foot (yellow)
Sunflower var. Terracotta grows 4-6 foot (orange/red)
Sunflower var. Black Beauty 4-6 foot (dark red)
Sunflower var. Lemon Eclair grows 4-6 foot (yellow)


A Really Fig Deal for You...

Saving on your favorite plants is Easy.
Easy like Sunday Morning...

It's time for our favorite day and another Easy stroll through Top Tropicals Garden with savings of

up to 50% and MORE!

Fig tree fruits and cat

Easy Sunday Fig Deal
50% OFF

Figs are a superfood that have been associated with health and prosperity since ancient times. Linked to Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility, figs are not your typical fruit. In fact, figs are technically a collection of inverted flowers!

Figs satisfy your sweet cravings and offer a variety of health benefits including:
- reduce high blood pressure
- improve digestion
- increase bone density
- they are naturally fat-free and cholesterol-free food that is an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium (Source: webmd.com).

Figs trees are easy to grow and are cold hardy subtropical fruit trees that can tolerate some hard freeze once established. They have very low water demands and require minimal care. These trees will fruit for you right away!

Beers Black
Lattarula Italian Honey
LSU Purple
Violette de Bordeaux Negronne
Yellow Longneck Honey

The trees are in 1 gal pots, ready to step up. They have well-developed root system, and are ready to fruit this year!

Actual plants for sale

Fig tree, Ficus carica

Seven Fig Deal:
6 plants at 50% off + 1 plant FREE!

Regularly $230.65
Easy Sunday Collection price $98.85
(half price plus one plant FREE)
This is savings of $131.80 per set!
Told you, that's a really Fig Deal!

Remember, this Easy Sunday Deal expires on Tuesday, 3-15-22.

Fig tree fruits


Grow Your Own Food

How to garden in South Central Florida

by Ed Jones, the Booster guy

Plant horoscope: Pisces

...We are very excited about the garden season this year and feel like we have the best chance yet of producing some nice veggies since we have been here. I sure hope so as there is nothing better than fresh food from your own garden. If you are not growing your own fruits and vegetables, I would recommend that you give it a try...
...When we lived in Indiana, we had a nice little garden in front of our house and we also had about a half acre planted with tomatoes, potatoes, squashes of all kinds, corn, popcorn, pumpkins, and many other veggies...
...Since my wife and I moved to Florida in 2019, we have continued growing our own vegetable garden. Now, I must say that it has been quite the experience trying to learn when to plant things here in south central Florida. It seems that the summer sun can be so hot that even plants like tomatoes, that love the heat, can't survive?...
Based on our experience, here are some secrets how to do it right...


Top Tropicals: Learn more about this subject



The brightest lives of Sunflowers


"...Despite knowing they won't be here for long, they still choose to live their brightest lives - sunflowers..."
- Rupi Kaur -

Photo above: Ukrainian Sunflowers. This photo was sent to us today from Ukraine by Alex & Lena, and Oksana (daughter of our Catalog Editor Marina Rybka). Our thoughts and prayers are with them and their country.


What are your Lucky Zodiac plants? Plant Horoscope - Pisces

by Alex Butova, the Witch of Herbs and Cats

Plant horoscope: Pisces

...As the endless diversity of fish in Earth's reservoirs, the characters of those born under this sign of the Zodiac, are also incomprehensible. That is why compiling a horoscope for this sign is especially difficult. The main feature of Pisces is movement and unpredictability, which depends even not on themselves, but rather on external influences. Unlike other water signs, Pisces do not live on the surface, their world is there, in the water space...


Top Tropicals: Learn more about this 

Magnolia virginiana (Vanilla Magnolia) plant horoscope Pisces sign


Top Tropicals Team in Ukraine

Top Tropicals Research tem: Fedor 

The tragedy hits quite close to home for Top Tropicals as we have a number of friends and associates who are currently in the Ukraine. These kind and hardworking people have contributed significantly to the success of Top Tropicals, most specifically our line of Sunshine Boosters fertilizers...
Top Tropicals has a research and development center in Ukraine. Where we develop SB plant fertilizer and number of new and exciting products, including Carefree Garden Complete Greenhouse/Grow Room Controller...

Our Ukrainian Team members are:

Fedor Shabliy - a brilliant chemist. Under his supervision the Sunshine Boosters series was developed, and then tested by local farmers in the Ukraine.
Oksana Shabliy (chemist)
Anton Tkachenko (mechanical and electronic engineer)
Roman Bidyuk (software developer)
Igor Kayun (software developer)
Igor Sushelnitsky (software and electronic engineer)
Olga Ozerova (project manager)
They have families, kids...


Top Tropicals Ukraine Research tem

Top Tropicals: Learn more about this subject

Ukraine 2022: Protecting windows from shuttering

Cardboard window shutters to protect against broken glass...

Sunshine Boosters Special

With all this in mind, we are earmarking a percentage of all Sunshine Booster sales for this team of friends to aid in their living expenses and full recovery. In order to give back to our team in Ukraine, we are offering the following Sunshine Boosters Garden Series items at a discounted price:

Your purchase helps support Ukraine!

Sunshine C-Cibus 1 gallon
Sunshine Mango Tango 1 gallon
Sunshine Megaflor 1 gallon
Sunshine Robusta 1 gallon
Currently priced at 33% off reg price!

In addition, we will also donate $5.00 from each purchase to help Support Ukraine.

Spring is the time to fertilize and all of you will be getting some food for your plants. So get your plants Sunshine Boosters - the Fertilizer that Works, developed in Ukraine. Help us to support our Ukrainian Research Team! As always, we appreciate the support of our loyal community of Top Tropicals customers and enthusiasts.

Top Tropicals: Shop our online 


New Exotic Adeniums

Saving on your favorite plants is Easy.
Easy like Sunday Morning...

It's time for our favorite day and another Easy stroll through Top Tropicals Garden with savings of

up to 50% and MORE!

The Flower of Prosperity and Good Fortune...

The Adenium obesum, Desert Rose, is a highly prized ornamental plant, perceived in some cultures as a sacred symbol of prosperity, abundance and good fortune. Since the Desert Rose is strong and adaptable to climatic conditions, it represents strength, persistence and resilience. We could all use a little more of these qualities in our lives...

Adeniums (Desert Roses) are the easiest plants in cultivation yet they bring you so much joy with their colorful flowers and showy caudex. There are hundreds, if not thousands of amazing colors and new hybrids are created every year. Many gardeners want to collect them all! And we can help you to grow your collection. We have many new varieties in stock and are offering two special Collection Deals!

Special Deals for Desert Rose Collectors

The plants are well developed, with large caudex, grown in 1 gal pots, normally $42.95 each,
with Collection savings of $30 and $65!

3 Adeniums Collection

Regularly $128.95,
Collection price $98.95 - savings of $30 per set!

Varieties included in this collection:
RED Adenium Red Wine
WHITE Adenium Jasmine
BLACK Adenium Black Widow

5 Adeniums Collection

Regularly $214.95,
Collection price $149.95 - savings of $65 per set!

Varieties included in this collection:
PURPLE Adenium Mee Stang
LIGHT YELLOW Adenium Yellow Gold (Vanilla Gold)
STRIPED PINK Adenium Bua Champoo
ORANGE Adenium Yellow Gift (Sai Thong)
RED-BLACK Adenium Red Dragon

Now wait... Save even more with Easy Sunday:

Combine both collections and save ANOTHER $15! Use this limited time offer coupon:


Remember, this Easy Sunday Deal expires on Tuesday 3-1-22!