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Date: 24 Nov 2021, Entry id: 1637787662-2

Winter is coming tips

Reminder from Kristi, the Tropical Flower Girl

As the weather gets cooler, many of you move your potted tropical plants indoors. Please remember:
1. Leaf drop. Lower air humidity, lower light and short day may cause some leaf drop. This is normal for seasonal environment change.
2. Reduce watering as it gets cooler and darker. Under lower light and in cooler temperature, plants won't need much water; some plants go dormant and only need minimum water (so soil doesn't completely dry out). Excess water may damage roots and kill a plant in winter.
3. No dry fertilizer in winter. Active growth stops. Let the plant to go into dormancy or simply have a rest. You can continue liquid Sunshine Boosters according to regular dosage chart with every watering. Since the watering is reduced, the plants will get only as much food as needed for getting through the winter.
4. Watch for insects by inspecting leaves regularly. They may attack plants more likely in the indoor conditions. You may use organic NoBug insecticide especially for your indoor plants.

Stay Warm!

In the photo: Mr Big and Zoe-the-Scooby-Doo sharing a warm tub with Emerald Peperonia.