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Date: 20 Dec 2019, Entry id: 1576821364-2

Meet PeopleCats of TopTropicals

Cat of the Day: Google the Cat. The Brain.

Google is the second oldest cat of TopTropicals, after Jim. Google lives in the same house with Jim where they both help us to develop new features for our website.
Google is the most intelligent cat on Planet Earth. Originally we got him from an animal shelter after his first adoption failed: someone returned him back to the shelter... It was hard to believe because he was so cute... but soon enough, we realized why someone was spooked away... Google is TOO smart! When he looks at you and rolls his eyes, you instantly have a feeling that he can literally see through you, and read your mind... It didn't scare us, of course. On opposite, Google became very helpful with writing database codes, engineering difficult construction tasks, and other comprehensive projects that require a brilliant intellect. Since 2007, Google has been a personal assistant of one of the TopTropicals owners, and their minds are worth each other. Google never leaves his desk until he makes sure every complicated task is completed.
Google loves little children (for conversations), shrimp (for snacks) and hi-tech projects (for fun).

Check out Video: Meet PeopleCats of TopTropicals and more Cat of the Day stories.

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