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Date: 8 Nov 2019, Entry id: 1573202462-2

Meet PeopleCats of TopTropicals

Mommy Moe, meep-meep!

Moe is the oldest of the indoor PeopleCats. She came to us six years ago. She is a Siberian, these are sold as hypoallergenic cats... Unfortunately for Moe's previous owner, she is not hypoallergenic! Lucky for us she is a purrrrfect fit.
Moe is the mommy cat to all others. She takes all new People under her wing and shows them around. She is a very sweet purrrson, and very smart. She loves turning lights off on you and playing fetch with her toy mouse. Siberian cats have a very unique meow. It is actually more of a "meep-meep", there is no eowww part!

Check out Video: Meet PeopleCats of TopTropicals and more Cat of the Day stories.

Keeping us clean and happy!

Moe raising Bagheera and Mowgli

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