SUNSHINE Boosters™

Simple use

Complete Plant Nutrition System Made Simple: just add water!
Only 3 simple components for a complete feed. Designed for continuous use, Sunshine Boosters contain no excess salts, maintain soil pH at optimal level (5.5-6.5) and do not require soil flushing or additional pH regulators.

Natural and Eco-friendly

Organic acid-based, Sunshine Boosters are perfect for organic gardens, edibles and do not affect crop pure taste. Amino-acid stable formulas have NO EDTA chelators to eliminate nutrients lockup in soil. Safe for daily use, moderate concentrations eliminate dozing errors. Pollinating insects friendly.

Complete feed

Scientifically formulated, Sunshine Boosters contain all necessary elements in the right proportions for each stage of plant development. The use of amino acids and organic acids greatly enhances stability of all Sunshine boosters and provides excellent absorption of trace elements.

Hi Tech

Perfectly balanced stable formulas developed by Top Tropicals - the leader in advanced plant booster research, in collaboration with a leading European scientist specializing in agricultural chemistry. Comprehensive Controller Systems created by engineers from Clarify One.



For Hydroponic Farms

Sunshine Boosters™ Pro System (2+2)

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For Home Gardens

Sunshine Boosters™ for different plant types

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Sunshine Epi

for stimulating plant metabolism

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Sunshine SuperFood

for correcting element defficiencies

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Sunshine Power

for protecting from powdery mildew

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Sunshine GreenLeaf

for correcting iron deficiency

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