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Date: 7 Oct 2019, Entry id: 1570444262-2

Meet PeopleCats of TopTropicals. Cat of the Day: James Coconuts

Winning a Lucky Ticket for a Croissant

Many of you have already met James Coconuts who has been in charge of our Customer Service Team for a long time. After many years of hard work, Coconuts is now finally retired in a comfortable home but still does some consulting for Anna Banana and other office team members. So you will hear from him again in our Blog, helping with planting, and organizing holiday events.
Originally, Coconuts came from the Middle-of-Nowhere (what a surprise). Tenants from our old property in Punta Gorda left him behind when they moved out... So Coconuts lived in woods for a month and, considering being deaf (but not dumb!) from birth, living in the wild was quite a challenge for him. When he saw our car, he jumped right into the open trunk and never regretted that decision. We left us no choice but to take him into our big CatFamily. He had starved so much that he ate a whole croissant... as we had nothing else to offer at the moment... Since then, Coconuts went through lots of troubles including a minor stroke, being run over by a truck, lost in woods again for a month, and surviving a wild animal fight followed by a life-threatening abscess. Finally, he decided to stay away from trouble and happily landed on his couch with Margaritas and Nachos, getting chubby, singing his favorite opera songs, and writing poetry.