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SUNSHINE Power-Si - Silicon Protector Nutrition Booster, 100 ml

SUNSHINE-Power has Silicon as an active element (Si). Adding it to soil or/and over foliar spray can immensely enhance plant resistance to external factors and boost their growth and health. Silicon protector works for disease defense (including powdery mildew) + automatically keeps pH between 5.5-6.5, can be used with every watering. It can be used for a daily flush at the after-ripen/flush stage of plant development
Silicon (Si) - is the mineral substrate absolutely necessary for all plant life on our Planet. In field crops it is known to affect plant growth and quality, photosynthesis, transpiration and enhance plant resistance to stresses such as drought and freezing. When readily available to plants, it plays a large role in several functions:
- Increased photosynthetic activity
- Increased insect and disease resistance
- Reduced mineral toxicity
- Improvement of nutrient imbalance
- Enhanced drought and frost tolerance
- Enhanced plant growth
- SUNSHINEâ„¢ Power can be used with every watering to maintain pH between 5.5-6.5.
Application: Mix 30 ml in 1 gal of water. Foliar spray + root drench once a month.
SiO2 in form of Monosilicic Acid - 1%
Vitamins - 3%
Because of natural ingredients, color of this solution may vary over time which does not affect product quality and performance. (Ascorbic acid ingredient darkens over time - this is normal).
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100 ml
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