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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit

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Date: 18 Dec 2018, Entry id: 1545118262-1

Christmas Special - Lolita Cherry

This amazing cherry is by far our favorite. Lolita is an exclusive variety of Black fruited Surinam Cherry that starts as red and turns black as it ripens. The fruit has exceptional flavor and has no aftertaste, unlike regular Surinam cherries. It is large, 1-1.5" size, super sweet when fully ripe. The tree is a dwarf statue, 5-6 ft or smaller if pruned. It is upright and freely branching. Plants start flowering and fruiting in 1 gal container. The plants we have in stock are ready to fruit in 2019.
These cherries are cold hardy and can take short periods of frost. Once established, the plant can withstand upper 20's without damage.

Lolita is very hard-to-find, and we have limited quantities, hurry up!

To expedite your order for Christmas, request rush shipping in order notes, contact us or call Anna Banana direct @ 239-771-8081.

Happy Holidays!

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