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Xanthosoma albomarginata, Xanthosoma atrovirens albomarginata, Mickey Mouse Taro, Mouse Cup, Pocket Plant

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Xanthosoma albomarginata, Xanthosoma atrovirens albomarginata

Mickey Mouse Taro, Mouse Cup, Pocket Plant
Family: Araceae
Origin: South America

Unusually variegated Aroid, it has irregularly margined leaves which when first opening, its edges are a cream yellow, later turning white, and often swirled. A show stopper! This plant is thought to be a mutation of a species. Most think it is a form of atrovirens or even a possible hybrid. The leaves are never identical most are streaked with large blotches of white on dark blue green leaves. One of the most odd features of the plant is the fact that most leaves will develop a small cup like pocket at the leaf tip and sometimes a small string like structure will form. Plants usually grow with leaves held horizontally. It is always a conversation piece in the garden. Mighty Mouse can reach 3-4 ft at full maturity making it a wonderful addition to your jungle.

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Xanthosoma albo-marginata - Mickey Mouse Taro

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Mickey Mouse Taro, Mighty Mouse. This curious variety...  more

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