Woodwardia orientalis, Oriental Chain Fern

Woodwardia orientalis

Oriental Chain Fern
Family: Blechnaceae
Origin: Himalayas, Japan, China, Taiwan, Phillipines
USDA Zone: 8-10?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapSmall plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeShadeRegular waterKeep soil moistOrnamental foliage

Woodwardia orientalis (Oriental Chain Fern) is a small shrub that usually grows no taller than 2-5ft in height. Native to the Himalayas, Japan, China, Taiwan, and the Philippines, this perennial herbaceous plant is a popular ornamental foliage plant due to its attractive cascading fronds.

For gardeners living in USDA Zones 8-10, this fern is easy to cultivate from bulbs in gardens or containers. It requires partial to full shade to thrive and prefers moist soil. Regular watering is recommended to keep the soil moist but not soggy, as this can cause root rot. It's also important to consider growing in pots if you live in a cold region and to make sure the pots are well-drained during the winter months.

The Oriental Chain Fern is best grown as an accent plant in garden beds, near water features, or around entryways. This sturdy evergreen fern can be planted in groups or clusters, used as a short ground cover, or featured as a solitary specimen. Pruning can be done to shape the fern and to remove any dead growth that may have occurred.

Overall, Woodwardia orientalis (Oriental Chain Fern) is a simple and elegant addition to any garden. Its cascading fronds give the plant a beautiful, multidimensional look and its bulbils are easily detached for replanting and quick propagation. With the right care and conditions, this fern can offer your garden plenty of ornamental beauty that will surely bring you joy!

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