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Urospatha friedrichsthalii, Urospatha grandis

Urospatha friedrichsthalii, Urospatha grandis

Family: Araceae
Origin: Central America
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSemi-shadeFull sunKeep soil moistBog or aquatic plant

Urospatha friedrichsthalii is a large shrub, indicating as high as 5 to 10 feet tall with lush, green foliage. It is native to Central America and is grown in USDA Zone 9-11. Urospatha friedrichsthalii adapts best to wetter soils and often is grown in full sun or semi-shade. It is naturally found growing in a bog or aquatic environment and it is best to keep the soil moist to mimic these conditions when growing this species.

When growing Urospatha friedrichsthalii in a pot, especially in cold regions, it is important to bring the shrub indoors before it starts to freeze, or to provide a winter shelter with mulch to protect the roots from the cold temperatures. Planting in a moist, well-draining soil with partial shade will help to manage the risk of damaging cold exposure. Additionally, if kept in a pot, supplemental feeding will be necessary. For best results, opt for an organic liquid fertilizer applied roughly every month. Re-potting is also recommended every other year, which will provide a fresh soil with more nutrients to support the plant.

When bringing Urospatha friedrichsthalii indoors, it is important to provide indirect, bright light - whether through a large window or artificial. Additionally, it is important to keep the humidity high to recreate the conditions from its natural environment. To do so, mist the leaves regularly and provide humidity trays with stones, with water just reaching the surface to create steam. Urospatha friedrichsthalii is an eye-catching houseplant and by keeping it healthy, it will provide a burst of captivating colors for years to come.

Urospatha friedrichsthalii, Urospatha grandis

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