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Tibouchina sp., Princess Flower, Glory Bush

Tibouchina sp.

Princess Flower, Glory Bush
Family: Melastomataceae
Large shrub 5-10 ft tallSmall plant 2-5 ftFull sunRegular waterBlue, lavender, purple flowersWhite, off-white flowersPink flowersPlant attracts butterflies, hummingbirds

Tibouchina sp., also known as the Princess Flower, is a large shrub that usually grows to be between 5 and 10 feet tall, although some smaller varieties as low as 2 to 5 feet tall can be found. Tibouchina is an evergreen for USDA zones 9-11, though in colder climates it can be grown in a pot as a house plant.

This beautiful plant has flowers that come in shades of pink, white, off-white, blue, lavender, and purple. It is a popular plant amongst butterfly and hummingbird enthusiasts as its flowers are some of their favorite.

For optimal growth, Tibouchina must be planted in a location that receives full sun and where it can receive regular watering. When growing the plant in a pot, avoid overwatering, as this can cause root rot. However, make sure that the pot drains well, and water deeply whenever the top inch of soil is dry. It also enjoys a period of weekly deep watering.

When grown as a house plant, place the pot near a bright window, as it needs a certain amount of humidity. If the plant isn't getting enough humidity, then mist it daily to help simulate the tropical conditions that it responds well to. Tibouchina does best with an annual application of balanced fertilizer. If growing in a pot indoors, an indoor liquid fertilizer about once a month is sufficient. Make sure to not overfertilize or it could cause damage to the plant.

When pruning a Tibouchina, it is best to prune in the spring, after it has finished flowering. Pruning helps keep the plant tidy and can help control its size.

With a little bit of care, Tibouchina can make a stunning addition to the garden, with its beautiful and vibrant flowers.

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