Streptocarpella sp., Bavarian Belles

Streptocarpella sp.

Bavarian Belles
Family: Gesneriaceae
Origin: Southern Africa
USDA Zone: 10-11?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapGroundcover and low-growing 2ft plantSemi-shadeShadeRegular waterBlue, lavender, purple flowersPink flowersPlant attracts butterflies, hummingbirds

Streptocarpella are a sub-genus of streptocarpus. They are easy to grow, produce an abundance of blue flowers on wiry stems that seem to float airily over the foliage. Pinching helps to keep the plant attractive. Hummingbirds love them! Related to African violet and enjoys similar conditions. Small, tender basket plant, quickly grows to eight inches tall with a spread of 12 inches across. It branches freely and produces soft, velvety green leaves that are about two inches long. From nodes along the stem the plant produces an array of slender, almost wiry, four inch long scapes which terminate in three to five flowers which gracefully float above the foliage. The flowers are an inch long with a narrow tube which splays out at the end into a slanted, pansy-like face with five lobes. should be grown in a well drained, organic potting mix in either a hanging basket, window box or decorative container. While not a heavy feeder, it should be fertilized periodically to keep it growing and flowering. It is best situated in a bright location where it gets good light but not direct sun. Like all gesneriads it should have uniformly moist conditions. This plant not only will perform well on the patio or porch during the summer months, it will continue to bloom all winter long as a houseplant. In the winter give it an east or south window to assure it gets enough light to continue blooming. It is easy to propagate by terminal cuttings.

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