Stoebe plumosa, Seriphium plumosum, Slangbos

Stoebe plumosa, Seriphium plumosum

Family: Asteraceae
Origin: South Africa
Small plant 2-5 ftFull sunDry conditionsModerate waterOrnamental foliageUnusual colorInvasive plantFragrant plant

Stoebe plumosa, also known as Slangbos, is a small shrub, native to South Africa, that can reach a height of 2-5 feet. Known for its enchanting ornamental foliage, vibrant shade of deep blue-green, and silver-white, clusters of fragrant, small-petalled flowers that blossom in late winter and early spring, it's no surprise that this beautiful shrub is considered a worthwhile investment.

Stoebe plumosa thrives in full sun, but will tolerate some light shade, and prefers moderate water. This plant is surprisingly drought-tolerant and is relatively drought-resistant once established. It possesses an unusual color and looks great in between other forms of low shrubbery or if planted in containers in warmer climates.

This hardy perennial shrub is ideal for many situations. It can be used as a early season plant near the front of the border, in a natural setting, or within a bed of other flowering shrubs for more of an ornamental effect.

In USDA Zones 9-11 Stoebe plumosa can be grown easily in the garden and provided with sufficient sunlight, ample water and a well-drained soil. In colder regions, Stoebe plumosa can be grown successfully in pots, but container-grown plants require well-drained, nutrient-rich soil and regular feeding and pruning. For successful growth, ensure that the soil remains consistently moist but never soggy; moderate water is essential for the best results.

For optimum health, Stoebe plumosa requires good exposure to sunlight and a correct amount of water. Fertilize regularly to promote growth, and consider pruning this evergreen shrub in the spring, to encourage new, healthy foliage and brighten up the existing branches. Regular prunnging helps to keep Stoebe plumosa healthy.

Stoebe plumosa is a fantastic plant for anyone's garden, providing an ornamental look throughout the year to delight the eye. With its unusual colorful foliage, it is a great choice to add texture and interest to any outdoor display.

Stoebe plumosa, Seriphium plumosum, Slangbos
Stoebe plumosa, Seriphium plumosum, Slangbos

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