Spiranthes odorata, Marsh Lady's Tresses,Fragrant Lady's Tresses

Spiranthes odorata

Marsh Lady's Tresses,Fragrant Lady's Tresses
Family: Orchidaceae
Origin: Southeasternn North America
USDA Zone: 5-9?
USDA Plant Hardiness MapSmall plant 2-5 ftSemi-shadeFull sunKeep soil moistBog or aquatic plantWhite, off-white flowersFragrant plant

Spiranthes odorata, also known as Marsh Lady's Tresses, is a small plant native to southeastern North America. It can reach heights between two and five feet, and thrives in full sun or semi-shade. In addition to its attractive white or off-white flowers, it is also known for its very pleasant and lingering scent.

This graceful little beauty will bloom reliably in USDA Zones 5-9 and can be grown in a bog or aquatic conditions, provided that it is kept sufficiently moist. It can be used to great effect in moist woodland gardens or wooded slopes, or may be planted near the edge of a pond, stream or water garden to add a special charm.

For those living in colder climes, it can still be grown in pots. It will then need to be brought indoors for overwintering and stored in a cool, bright location against a north facing wall. Fertilizing it once a month with a diluted liquid fertilizer should keep it in good health.

All in all, Spiranthes odorata is a beautiful and low maintenance addition to the home garden, adding a delightful scent and delicate charm.

Spiranthes odorata, Marsh Lady's Tresses,Fragrant Lady's Tresses

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