Pyrrosia longifolia, Long Felt Fern. Pyrrosia longifolia 'Monstrose'
Pyrrosia longifolia 'Monstrose'

Pyrrosia longifolia

Long Felt Fern
Family: Polypodiaceae
Origin: Southeast Asia
Vine or creeper plantSemi-shadeEpiphyte plantOrnamental foliage

This stonecrop is native to Southeast Asia, where it is common as either an epiphyte or lithophyte. They thrive in areas of semi-shade and moist, humid conditions. In the wild, they are usually found as climbers, or sometimes as liana on trees, sparsely scattered in tropical and subtropical climates. This evergreen fern can also be used ornamentally and grown in containers, either indoors or outdoors.

Pyrrosia longifolia is an attractive fern, commonly referred to as a Long Felt Fern, due to its long acicular leaves, which remind one of long, fuzzy flat-backed needles. This fern has long, creeping branches and grows to about 2' high and 2-3' wide. Its long, narrow leaves are often green-tinted with silver or whitish markings. It's perfect for hanging baskets or other containers, as it has a delicate, lacy appearance.

This fern is a slow grower, but can reach its full size in the right conditions. It prefers semi-shade and moist, humid conditions, although it can tolerate full sun in cool climates. It is not frost tolerant, so it is best grown in warm regions such as USDA Growing Zones 9-11. Pyrrosia longifolia is also considered an epiphyte, making it well-suited for use in terrariums, as long as it is given semi-shady, humid conditions and misted regularly, to mimic its natural habitat.

For those looking to grow Pyrrosia longifolia in colder, more temperate regions, it can be grown in a container. Choose a potting mix with excellent drainage and place the pot in an area that receives indirect sunlight, avoiding temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). Water the plant regularly and apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in the springtime. When the plant is dormant in winter, reduce watering, misting and fertilizing. During summer, provide your fern with moist, humid conditions by misting it regularly, and protecting it from direct sunlight.

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Pyrrosia longifolia, Long Felt Fern
Pyrrosia longifolia, Long Felt Fern. Pyrrosia longifolia 'Monstrose'
Pyrrosia longifolia 'Monstrose'

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